Infrared Medical Technologies, LLC (IMT) is currently developing ThermoWand®, as an autonomous, stand alone, 24/7, medical-grade temperature monitor for humans using infrared technology. Current non-contact infrared thermometers that read human temperatures are limited to taking a temperature from 6 inches away. This can expose health care personnel to infectious pathogens exhaled from a sick patient. Using IMT developed technology, health care personnel can stand 4 to 5 feet away and capture a valid temperature.

Portable manual model

The portable prototype seen above on the left, was used for IRB surpervised temperature surveys to establish a 10% improvement for infrared temperature readings using our IP. Our Advanced model on the right with image capabilities is used to determine subject Core Temperatures.

IMT is currently seeking investors to bring this disruptive technology to market or license the technology. IMT has conducted temperature surveys of large animals. Our minimum viable product may be for the animal market.

We have recently been awarded a US patent, #10502629B2, for this long-range technology. Below is an image of the awarded patent's first page.